Tiny Twist Drilling Bit

Tiny Twist Drilling Bit

Short Description:

This diamond drilling bit has tiny drilling head , with diameter 2mm, twist drilling head. With coarse diamond grit , 70/80 D 231 grit size.
This tiny diamond drilling bit is used for quatz , gemstones, ceramics ,drilling holes.
With fine grits ,they can be also used to drill teeth.

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    Diamond drilling bit is electroplated diamond drilling bit, with twist grinding head, tiny head up to 2mm diameter. D231 diamond grit make it very sharp when drilling holes. It is widely used on all types of materials drilling, such as  ceramics, porcerlain, carbide, glass, gems, stones, quarz, marble, graphite, slicon carbide, aluminum, etc. All range of diamond particles can be applied to the steel matrix. from coarse grit D851 to fine grit D20 , all size diamond abrasives can be electroplated to diamond drilling bit.

    Product Parameters:

    Product Name: diamond drilling bit

    Grit: 70/80

    Bond: electroplated diamond

    Applications: glass, quarz, stones, gems, teeth, bones, ceramics, porcerlain, carbide, aluminum, 


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