Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel for Aluminum, Titanium ,Copper Plishing

Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel for Aluminum, Titanium ,Copper Plishing

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Product Name:grinding and polishing wheel
Material: silicon carbide abrasive
Bond: PVA, resin bonding
Grit: 60#, 80#,100#,120#
Applications: non-ferrous metals, aluminu, silver, copper, brass, titanium

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    Silicon carbide grinding wheel is one type of bonded grinding wheels. Due to different bond, there are also two types silicon carbide grinding wheels. They are ceramic or vitrified silicon carbide grinding wheels, resin bond silicon carbide grinding wheels. PVA is one types of resin bond, but it is special bond, which can make the grinding wheel more lighter, fluffy. So that the abrasive wheel is specially used for non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, etcs.  These non-ferrous are with more viscosity, they need special grinding wheels with more fell off abrasive, and more loose abrasive denticy. That is also why the PVA wheels are super for these non-ferrous materials.

    Product Parameters:

    Product Name: polishing grinding wheel

    Bond :P VA ,resin bond

    Abrasive type: silicon carbide

    Applications: aluminum, copper, titanium, brass;


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