Cylindrical sesame grinding head rubber grinding head elastic sponge grinding head rubber grinding wheel

Cylindrical sesame grinding head rubber grinding head elastic sponge grinding head rubber grinding wheel

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    Grinding head is a kind of small grinding tool with handle, which is used in electric grinder, hanging grinder and electric hand drill. There are many kinds of grinding heads: ceramic grinding head, rubber 2113 grinding head, diamond grinding head, emery cloth grinding head, etc.
    Ceramic grinding head: grain size sand (generally brown corundum, white 5261 corundum, chrome corundum, silicon carbide) is sintered by ceramic bond, with metal handle in the center. It is mainly used for grinding various metals, for grinding the inner wall of the hole diameter, and for mold modification.
    Rubber grinding head: the finer grain size sand is synthesized by the combination of rubber bond and used for the polishing of mould.
    Emery cloth grinding head:
    A plurality of rectangular emery cloth sheets are bonded around the metal handle. The particle size is generally 60 × 3-320 × 3, which is used for polishing the inner wall of the aperture.
    Diamond grinding head: a grinding tool for stone 4102, porcelain and other non-metallic materials, especially a grinding tool with diamond alloy 1653 as grinding body, which includes a matrix and several grinding bodies, among which several grinding bodies are fixed in the matrix with clearance, and the grinding body is also set with clearance on the grinding surface of the grinding head, wherein the matrix is preferably made of bonding materials with certain toughness The grinding body is preferably made of diamond alloy material. The utility model has the advantages of high grinding performance, simple manufacturing, low cost, high grinding quality and suitable for large-scale grinding.
    Sesame grinding head, a kind of grinding head, has the effect of grinding and polishing at the same time, and it is not easy to burn the workpiece, and it can quickly Polish any rough machined surface. Especially suitable for aluminum alloy products processing.

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