600 Grit Diamond Curved Grinding Wheel

600 Grit Diamond Curved Grinding Wheel

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Electroplated diamond grinding wheel with diameter 150mm, thickness 20mm, bore size 20mm. with curved grinding edge. Perfectly used on gems stones, carbide tools, edge precision grinding and polishing. With fine grit 800#. which can make the workpiece roughness value narrow to 0.1mm;

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    Electroplated diamond grinding wheels with fine grit up to 800, can make the surface of the workpiece roughness value as low as 0.1. To make the workpiece achieving very smooth . EP diamond grinding wheels are widely used for gems, stones, carbide tools, ceramics, wood, cork, almost every type of materials.  Electroplated diamond grinding wheels can use very large diamond grit range, from  coarse grit 36# up to very fine grit like 1000#, or 2000#. Brazing diamond grinding wheels are also widley used, but nomally, brazing diamond grinding wheels can not use so large range diamond grits, from coarse size 36# up to fine size 300#. When you want to achieve high surface smooth, you will have to choose electroplated diamond grinding wheels.

    Product Parameters:

    Product Name: electroplated diamond grinding wheels


    Shape: curved working edge

    Material: diamond and stinles steel core body

    Applications: gems, stones, porcerlain, cermiacs, cork, wood, bamboo, carbide tools;


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